Sunday, October 4, 2015

September Favorites

It seems that I have a spotty record with writing favorites posts, and I am only slightly shamed to say that it is because I have just been reaching for the same products over this past month.  Starting a new job really means using products that are tried and true, although that didn't totally mean I was only using some older products.  I definitely tried out a few new products that will be seeing some serious love in the upcoming months.

I bought the MAC Warm Neutrals Palette from Nordstrom a few months back and have been using it pretty regularly.  Although it was a pretty pricy palette at $85, it's still a steal for a fully formed MAC palette, which was usually retail for over $160.  I'm planning on doing a full post later on featuring some looks with this palette, but all of the shades are perfectly suited for the type of looks that I like to do.

Although I bought this last year, I haven't used the YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush in 10 Nude Insolent until these past couple months. It is one of many MLBB lip shades that I have been slapping on when I'm rushing in the morning, but this is particularly useful because I use it as a neutral cream blush, as well.

An impulse buy gone right is the Clinique Sculptionary Contour Blush in Nude.  I will be dedicating a full post to this blush, but just a little preview - this blush is the bomb.  It's the perfect nude glow that isn't too shimmery, and it actually creates a soft contoured look that I've been really loving.

I have officially stepped on the Chanel bandwagon after completely falling in love with the fall collection.  Chanel Alezane was just too pretty for me to pass up, and I knew that it was just the right type of shade that I would use all the the time, justifying the $45 price tag.  

Continuing on the theme of blushes and exciting cheek products, I have been reaching for this Cargo Beach Blush in Miami not so much as a cheek product, but actually as a delicate golden-pink highlight over my blushes.  It has a harder pigment so it ends up being a delicate highlight rather than an all on shimmer, but beautiful, nonetheless!

For lipsticks, I've generally been going back to my standby MLBB shades like Maybelline Touch of Spice, Revlon Honey, etc, but I've also been reaching for this Rival de Loop lipstick a lot.  When I bought it, I wasn't expecting too much out of it, but I've been really enjoying it.  I'm pretty sure it's only sold at one branch of drugstores in Germany (DM), and it was probably less than 2 euros, but the formula and lasting power has been really great.  It's also the perfect subtle red that I'm comfortable wearing to work.

Well, I'm keeping it short and sweet for September, but fear not, because I think I'm officially out of my makeup rut!

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