About Me

Who am I?

Frankly, I'm a graduate student trying not to go insane.  Instead, I use this as an outlet to talk about my non-academic related passions - beauty, fitness, food, and traveling.  

I've always been obsessed with cosmetics - I remember I tried to use chalk to draw on my face when I was little to make myself look pretty!  Ever since I started wearing makeup, I've loved experimenting with different looks and products.  The original plan for this blog was to be focused on beauty, but with a college budget and a hectic schedule, I don't always have time (or money) to be buying and reviewing products.  Instead, here are some others things I am passionate about...

 A couple years ago, I decided to start making healthier life choices but adding a regular fitness schedule.  Although I was never really overweight, striving for a healthier and stronger body was a way of motivating myself.  Since remaining dedicated to working out and eating healthy, I have become happier, more energetic, and much more productive in my academic life, as well.  I have also been a relatively healthy eater for most of my life, but in June of 2013, I decided to stick to foods that benefit me - finding what works best with my body, giving me more energy, and becoming healthier overall.  I don't stick to a particular "diet," but I straddle the line between clean and paleo.  However, I still enjoy the occasional (or frequent) treats - chocolate, cookies, cake, whatever!  Much of this blog is devoted to my kitchen experiments and tracking what I eat. 

Lastly,  as I continue traveling (having finished a study abroad in Germany, where I also traveled to the Czech Republic, France, Italy, and Spain), I will be documenting my adventures.  Experiencing different cultures through a variety of platforms is one of my greatest joys, so stick with me as I add more traveling experience!

Be prepared for some sass, frivolous shopping, contradictory eating and living a healthy lifestyle, and my fitness accomplishments/fails.  There's a lot on this blog so feel free to pick and choose what you want to read!

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