Monday, September 2, 2013

Some new things....

Just a quick little post to update you on a couple new things I picked up...
I've been so busy with school and moving into a new apartment that my makeup experimenting and blogging has been put on hold!  

Don't worry though, I have quite a few posts planned which I will soon as I get the mountain of work that I have under control.

I noticed that MAC was having a sale on their empty palettes and pro pans, so I just had to pick up a couple things that have been on my wishlist for forever.

I believe the single pro palette is usually $18, and they have it online right now for $8, so I definitely had to snag that as I'm running out of space in my old palette.

Their pro pans, which are usually $12, are also now $10.
I bought two eyeshadows that have been on my wishlist for FOREVER-
Ricepaper and Greensmoke.
They are definitely shades that almost every MAC lover probably has, but I have just gotten around to them. 

I may actually make another order soon, but my current obsessions with stocking my pantry with weird and unusual foods has taken over my life...

Until later, lovelies!


  1. love neutral eyeshadows!:) you picked so pretty shades!♥

  2. Very beautiful eyeshadows ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog (Anna Ma on google+) I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog