Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Developing Obsession......

If you looked at me a year ago, even six months ago, you would see some small differences than if you see me now.  For one thing, I'm a lot more jingly.  Another, I'm more likely to wear a statement necklace (which I had previously sworn off of) instead of a dainty little necklace.

Up until a couple months ago (read: December), the only accessories I wore was a dainty necklace - usually my Dogeared Infinity Necklace, a small pair of stud earrings, my white Michael Kors watch, and a small silver ring.  That's it.  I went for the minimalist and made it my signature.  Part of it was because I am extremely picky with my jewelry.  Every detail has to be absolutely perfect, and it has to go with everything.  However, as much as I liked the look of layered bracelets, my small wrists made it difficult for me to buy bracelets without them nearly falling off my hand.  Trust me, I tried.

And I was finally successful.  The past few months, I seem to have found a ton of jewelry that suits me perfectly.  I've found some new jewelry to add to my self-defined "signature" look, as well as some extra pieces to rotate through, which I honestly never really did before.

Here is my latest arsenal of jewelry, old and new:

 Although it seems like I lean toward gold jewelry, I actually like both silver and gold equally.  I tend to wear more gold in the summer and silver in the winter, but the rose gold details on my watch have me leaning towards gold bracelets while I typically wear a silver necklace.

Rings have always been my favorite piece of jewelry, and this small selection still reflects the variety that I like to keep on hand.  I am always picky with rings as they have to be the perfect dainty-ness and uniqueness, but I'm loving my current selection.

Starting from the far left, I have my Kate Spade Bow Ring. I bought this about 2 years ago as a birthday present to myself.  I love it to pieces and wear it all the time as it is the perfect dainty accessory to pair with anything I wear.  The only gripe I have with this is the gold wearing off - I knew it was only a gold-plated ring and I wear at least several times a week, but seeing the gold wear off after only about 6 months of wear was a little disappointing.  That said, I still love this ring.  I just don't know if I would buy another one from Kate Spade to replace it.

The next ring is a silver evil eye-inspired ring that I snagged for $1 at H&M back in December. I love the way it adds something different to my plainer rings, and I tend to wear this layered with other rings.  I typically wear this with the Kate Spade Scalloped Ring to provide contrast to the pave detail.

The next two chain detail rings are also from H&M.  I usually never find jewelry that I like from there, but I have been really impressed with their selection lately!  It's not great quality, but for some cheap costume jewelry, I'm willing to make the sacrifice.  These two rings have an industrial type look that I tend to gravitate towards.

Lastly, on the far right is the Kate Spade Scallop Pave Ring.  This was my Christmas/post finals treat to myself, and I absolutely ADORE it.  It's simple, but also adds a bit of glam to my look.  The only (self-imposed) problem is that I never know what finger to wear it on.  I tend to wear rings on my left ring finger (is that supposed to be bad luck??) since it's the most comfortable place for me to wear my rings, but I've been trying to switch to wearing rings on my right ring to avoid any awkward engagement confusion.  The only problem is that I hate how rings feel on my right hand - they feel awkward and I actually lost my favorite ring this way because I must have taken it off and then dropped it somewhere.  I wear this ring in a size 6, but I think I would prefer a size 7 to wear it on my middle finger instead. I've recently just given up and worn it on my left hand anyway....no use in being overly superstitious, right?

 As far as bracelets go, these two have become staples.  I've lusted after Alex and Ani bangles for years, but have never purchased one until now.  I finally decided to just go for it and buy the April birthstone one, and I already have several others on my mind, including the zodiac one.  I love how simple these bangles look and the variety of different designs and charms available mean a layering heaven.  

For Christmas, I received the Madewell Glider Bangle in Light Worn Gold, and absolutely LOVE this.  It has the minimalist look that I love and fits my small wrists perfectly.  The simplicity of this bangle just called out to me and is really unique.  I've kind of always overlooked Madewell jewelry, but their bracelets and bangles are exactly my style.

Now on another note, does anyone else love mixing medals?  Since I wear both silver and gold equally, I tend to just wear them together.  It's not surprising to see me wearing gold bangles with silver rings because most of the time, I can't decide what to wear.  It also makes jewelry shopping a bit more tricky since I have to hold myself back from buying doubles of everything...

Now that I've discovered jewelry that I love, I'm up for more jewelry recommendations!  What are you favorite pieces and places to shop? Let me know, and until next time!

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