Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Weekend in Frankfurt

Although Spain was where I did most of my vacationing and traveling before going back to Berlin, I did a quick little stop in Frankfurt for a weekend to visit a friend. Known as "Mainhattan" because of its skyline and business, it's not the typical "tourist" destination, but it is a beautiful city all the same.  The last time I was here, it was smack in the middle of winter and absolutely freezing.  I didn't properly enjoy the city because being outside for more than 5 minutes was painful, but the warmer weather this time meant that I could walk around outside and actually enjoy it. 

Part of what makes Frankfurt so beautiful is the Main River.  Walking along the river right in the middle of the city or across the bridges really gives a stunning view with the skyscrapers on one side, and the old city on the other side. 

The weekend that I was there, Frankfurt was just getting over some bad weather, but the sunshine peaking through added to the beautiful views on the Main. 

Here are some highlights from the weekend!
Not pictured are photos from the night of the World Cup Final....being there right in the middle of celebrations was absolutely crazy, but I got so excited that I forgot to take photos....womp.

Can't resist Currywurst.  Ever.

While we were at this market in Hauptwache, I also tried out an amazing Apfelwein-Rosé.  I can't find a picture of it, although I swore I took one, but if you go to Frankfurt, be sure to try this out!

Museum for Modern Art.
I highly recommend visiting the Museum for Modern Art if you ever visit Frankfurt.  The art there is absolutely fascinating and thought provoking.  I'm not always the most patient person with museums, but I definitely spent a good amount of time at each piece in this museum.

Schnitzel with Green Sauce.  Because I wouldn't dream of skipping that when I go to Frankfurt.

The only photo I managed to get concerning the WM finals.
Going over these pictures again, it definitely was a weekend well spent! 
I definitely enjoyed Frankfurt better this time around since I was actually able to spend time outside.

Stay tuned for my next destination (and slowly getting to Berlin)!

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