Monday, July 27, 2015

Kiko Cosmetics Now Online in the US!

ALERT ALERT: Kiko Cosmetics is available in the United States. And now just in a couple stores on the East Coast, but they are now available ONLINE!  Bonus, a lot of their products are on sale, especially their limited edition collections!

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you know that Kiko has been one of my favorite European cosmetics brands for a few years now, mainly because of their low-mid range prices and excellent quality.  Something about the simple black packaging also really appeals to me, much in the same way that MAC’s or Nars’s packaging appeals to me. Every time I go back to Europe, I basically go crazy trying to stock up on all of my favorite products.  It makes me immensely happy to know that I don’t have to overstuff my suitcase anymore, and that I can buy their products online now.

Since a lot of US readers may not have tried a lot of the Kiko products, I thought I would take the chance to highlight some of my favorite products from the brand.

Keep Reading to find out more details about my top picks from the brand!

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow – I’m sure that these are the most famous products from all of Kiko’s products.  Since the craze of the eyeshadow sticks started (thank you, Laura Mercier and ByTerry), Kiko has made the most well-known dupe of the higher-end versions.  I actually prefer the Kiko versions, as I think they have better shade options, as well as more neutral shades.  I love them especially when I’m in a rush and just need some quick eyeshadow to define my eyes, and they stay all day without budging.  Usually, I prefer to layer eyeshadow over my cream bases, but with these, I can truly just apply and go.  Added bonus – these are WAY cheaper than the Laura Mercier and ByTerry versions at $12,90  a pop.

In the swatches I applied them straight from the stick, and then blended up as I would on the lid.

From L-R: 05, 06, 36, 38

Color Sphere Eyeshadow – These are the baked mineralized eyeshadows, not the refillable single eyeshadows that you can put in a palette. While I have swatched many of those, I don’t actually own any.  Instead, I have a few of the baked Color Sphere eyeshadows, which can be used wet or dry and are so much more convenient that using a loose pigment but they offer all the luminosity.  For some reason, I usually stay far away from baked mineralized eyeshadows from other brands, but I love my two Kiko shades.

#4, #3

Dry, then wet swatch

I also did a comparison of #4 with L'oreal's Amber Rush.  They are nearly the same color/shade, except L'oreal still has a slightly more metallic look to it.

Dry, then wet swatch

Blush – I think Kiko blushes are hands down, some of my favorite blushes on the market.  They are so silky and pigmented, blending seamlessly on my cheeks.  While the shade selection is not as wide as, say, MAC, it is a well-edited range of shades.  As I mentioned in my previous post, shade #100 has been one of my go-to shades recently, because it is the perfect peachy-tan shade that also adds a glow.  I’ve found that both the shimmer and matte shades blend smoothly.

L-R: 111, 107, 100; heavy swatch, then blended

Lipstick – Smart Lipstick – Kiko has various different lipstick lines, but I really like their Smart Lipstick line.  I only own one of the shades, but I find it to be pigmented, moisturizing, and long-lasting.  I haven’t really tried any of their other lines, but I know that their slim lipsticks are also well-loved!

Shade 904

Nail Polish – Kiko has a HUGE range of nail polishes, and they are great quality for the price range.  I probably own about 6 shades now, and I find them extremely long lasting, pigmented, and smooth.  I find that the formula is a little thinner than OPI, but it isn’t a runny formula by any means.

L-R: 303, 317, 336, 480, 534

Lastly, I should note that Kiko does some amazing limited edition collections.  They are (almost) on par with MAC collections, but in my opinion, they are much more creative and well thought out.  The packaging is always adorable, and they really bring out some awesome products.  The only downside is that they are edition. So you really have to snatch them up before they disappear.  The upside is that they usually go on sale, up to 50% off, before they completely disappear.  One of my favorite collections that they ever released was their Queen of Hearts Collection, which came out last summer.  I picked up one of their eyeshadow quads, but I could have easily bought the entire collection for the packaging alone.

Some of the products that I haven’t tried are their base products.  I’m pretty loyal to the products that I know work for me, so while I don’t have anything I can say about how they work, I do know that they also have quite an impressive range of face cosmetics.
I hope this helps all of you decide what to check out on the Kiko website! I know that the amount of products that they have can be kind of overwhelming sometimes, but these are my personal favorites. Happy shopping!

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