Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Desperate Peachy-Pink Call for Spring

By now it should be known that my monthly favorites will be at least a week late, but it will be more like two weeks late.  Time just has this funny way of escaping me when it comes to things like this....

BUT this month (or should I say last month?) was different.  I had planned to do everything on time, until I looked around and realized I didn't really have too many favorites.  Then I looked at the few things I had together, and realized they were all kind of the same thing.

Case in point.

 I think the fact that all of these are basically the same color but with slightly varying tones indicates that I'm emerging out of my winter and cold weather-induced berry and plum toned blush selections to lighter pink and gold tones.  I am officially ready for spring even though I was able to enjoy the bitter cold better than most...but I'm ready for warmer weather and sunny days where I don't have to layer 48932 shirts underneath a puffy coat.

Even though I would describe all of these blush shades as peachy-pinks with a golden shimmer, all three powder blush shades actually look different on my cheeks...I swear. To the highly detail-oriented friend who notices the slightest differences, they might be able to tell, but for myself - I swear these all give me different effects.

The original Milani Minerals Blush in Luminous (top center) was what started it all for me.  I pulled it out one day in a desperate move to wear something lighter and glowier than my darker blushes, and I fell in love with it all over again.  It has the highest golden sheen of all three powder blushes, with a more subtle pink base.  What I like about this shade in particular is that it acts as a highlighter as well.

Inspired by Milani, I brought out the ELF Blush in Candid Coral (right), which I had previously stopped using because I didn't feel it was pigmented enough, but now that I sometimes opt for the "barely there" slightly sculpted but subtle blush look, this has been perfect.  If I had to pick a favorite product of the month (out of these slim pickings..) this would be it.  It gives a slightly peachy gold glow, but what it does the most is make my face look more alive without giving the effect that I'm wearing tons of pink.  This is probably the most peachy shade of the bunch, with a subtle golden sheen rather than a golden shimmer.

My newest acquisition to the peachy-pink shimmery blushes is the Cargo Blush in Rome, which I purchased off Hautelook sometime in January right before my no-buy (which is now kind-of over..).  It's the brightest and most pigmented of the bunch, and also the more coral of the three.  It has a golden shimmer, but I find that the base color is much richer than with Milani Luminous.

Lastly, I have the NYC Cream Blush Stick in Plaza Pink (left).  Although now discontinued (even though I swear they were only sold for a couple months), it is a phenomenal shimmery pink cream blush.  It actually has a cooler undertone with no golden shimmer, but it acts as a great base for all my pinker blushes.  Although it's a cream blush, it doesn't give me a greasy feel as it has a slightly drier texture than some other cream blushes I've tried.

Just to show you all the differences (and that I'm not crazy), here are some swatches:

NYX Plaza Pink, Milani Luminous, ELF Candid Coral, Cargo Rome
As you can see, the Milani Luminous is the most reflective, and the ELF Candid Coral is the least reflective of the three.  I'm not really sure I have a favorite as they all work for different purposes, but it all depends on how subtle or bright I want my blush to be that day.

Do you ever feel like you start reaching for similar variations on the same product?  As a beauty obsessed fanatic, it's easy for me to justify buying a new blush/lipstick/eyeshadow just because it has a different color shimmer despite having the exact same base color (anyone else with me??), but it can all look a little crazy when they're put together.

I was a little weary of having three of such similar products, but after wearing all three (plus a cream blush) so often for over a month, I think I've really justified having all three....right? :D

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  1. they all look like they can pull off as NARS orgasm dupes!

    1. I'm pretty sure they are, except I don't have the NARS one. I'll make a comparison when you get back! (or when I finally get it myself hehe)

  2. Beautiful colours I love peachy blush - perfect for spring/ summer :)