Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 2014 Favorites

While I'm sitting over here slightly depressed that the end of August marks the unofficial end of summer for me, I am at least excited about the amount of new products I have been able to play with ever since coming back home.  Although I love the simplicity of having just a few products to choose from when I put on my makeup,  being back with my normal selection is exciting all the same.

But even though I switched it up almost every day, there were still a few products that I tended to reach for often, and products that I just completely fell in love with.

Starting with some body products, I have been loving the Alverde Macadamia Nut Body Butter, which is a more natural brand from the DM drugstore in Germany.  In addition to the heavenly creamy scent, it does a fantastic job of moisturizing my body.  Even in the summer, I find that my skin gets extremely dry so I have no issues with slathering this all over myself, especially on my more dry spots.

The Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream has also been a must have this month (and all of August). Other than the fantastic scent, I've used it every night before going to bed, but I've also used it on my feet.  I was honestly just too lazy to buy an actual foot cream, but this worked perfectly.

MAC Outre has been back in my daily rotation.  I go through phases of using this beautiful matte mustardy tan eyeshadow, but when it makes its way back into my rotation, I use it like crazy.  It works as a transition color for all my eyeshadow, but it also provides some subtle warmth to even some of my cooler grey looks.  Unfortunately it was limited edition, and I wish I knew a dupe of this eyeshadow...but I really don't have one.  You just really need this if you can get your hands on it!  This eyeshadow is just the perfect crease shade that works with my skintone. It is one of those shadows that make my eyes look perfectly defined without looking like I added any eyeshadow.

Another matte shadow I've been loving is the new Catrice Absolute Eye Color Mono in I Wear My Plum Glasses at Night.  It's a cool purple grey that is warm enough for my skin tone because of its purple undertones.  I used it a lot this month with smokey charcoals and other grey eyeshadows that I seem to be leaning towards recently.  Greys can be tricky for me to wear, but I love the purple in it. I basically love any Catrice eyeshadow because of how smooth and pigmented they are, but this is my most recent standout.

For blush,  I have been straying away from more pink, coral, and red-toned blushes and favoring neutral blushes.  I wore everything from Benefit Coralista to Kiko #100 to this Art Deco blush in shade 02. It is a slightly shimmery neutral tan blush with a bit of a golden tone to it. I used to be scared by these blushes out of fear that it would make me look muddy, but blushes of this tone have actually helped make me look more glowy and put together without it being obvious that I'm wearing blush.  This shade by Art Deco in particular has the slightist hint of coral tones which keeps it from being too muddy.  It also has the benefit of being extremely smooth and pigmented.  This is my favorite Art Deco blush, but I am definitely impressed.

My two lip products that I've been obsessed with...and really obsessed in I probably wore this at least a few times a week.  The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon and the Revlon Mineral Lipglaze in Timeless Nude have been long time favorites, but I didn't actually wear them together until this summer.  While the lipstick is a great midtone pink that is also brightenng, the lip gloss is just pigmented enough to tone down the pink into a slightly more muted shade.

Finally, I have fallen in love once again with the Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine, which is a beautiful blood-orange scent.  It has this amazing musky/jasmine..ish dry down that lingers for hours.  It is so complex, but I feel like I can't stop smelling my wrists whenever I put this on.  It's also so strong that just a tiny dab will last me throughout the entire day.  It might actually rival my favorite Chloe perfume...which says a lot since that has been my most beloved scent so far....

Well, I don't have a ton of favorites this month, but I am actually a little bit obsessed with everything listed above.  I had a consistent look throughout August, which is kind of rare for me.  I think that having such a limited collection for a few weeks has me in the mindset of using particular products and having a particular look. It's not particularly a bad thing in my opinion, just a way of showing some love to my makeup ;)

What have been your favorites this month?  Let me know below!

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