Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Catrice: Mini Reviews and Swatches

 Aaah,Catrice.  One of my favorite drugstore brands.  Every time I travel to Europe, I am always eager to check out their collections.  They are always changing up their core collection - good if you want to try different things, but bad if you really like a product because you have no idea how long they'll be around for.

I already have a good selection of eyeshadows and nail polishes from Catrice, and I've been a fan of their products since the beginning.  For only 2,75, their eyeshadows have consistent quality.  The mattes are pigmented and buttery smooth, and they always manage to come up with unique colors.  I can safely say that some of my favorite eyeshadows are from Catrice!

Their nail polishes are also always on pointe. They have a fantastic selection of colors, both shimmery and matte, and I love their formulas. The nail polishes are conistently pigmented, opaque, and last for a long time - around a week - with my standard Seche Vite base and top coat.

I also really like the lipsticks from Catrice, although a lot of the shades aren't quite my style.  I have one MMLB-ish shade, but that's about as extensive as my lip collection from them goes.  This time, I found a couple more shades that I wanted to try, but I didn't actually go crazy for once.

 There's a trend in the eyeshadows I've been buying lately.

I'll give you a hint.

350 Starlight Espresso, 400 My First Copperware Party, 750 New in Brown, 790  I wear My Plum Glasses At Night


350 Starlight Espresso, 400 My First Copperware Party, 750 New in Brown, 790  I wear My Plum Glasses At Night


 I have no idea why I'm so into these shades now, but I can't get enough of them. Part of it might be these are the shades I'm lacking in my collection so I'm now trying to fill that gap.

350 Starlight Espresso, 400 My First Copperware Party

350 Starlight Espresso is a cool cement color.  It's known as a dupe for MAC's Copperplate, which I don't own, but I love this shade as a crease shade with some lilacs or mauves.

400 My First Copperware Party is a plummy brown shade with light shimmer throughout.  I actually bought this as a dupe for one of my favorite discontinued Clinique shadows in Enchanted.  It was so unique in that it was a dark plum/grey/brown that looks really subtle.  It's dark enough to work as a crease/outer corner shade, but light enough to use as a light smokey wash. I am so excited to find this shade!

750 New in Brown, 790  I Wear My Plum Glasses At Night
750 New in Brown is a light tan-rose gold shade.  It's lightly shimmery, but not overly so.  This works as a great all over lid color that I know I will tons of mileage from.

790 I Wear My Plum Glasses at Night is a cool mauve-grey.  I am absolutely obsessed with this shade.  Although it's a cool toned shade, the purple/mauve tones make it wearable for me.  Like all other Catrice mattes, it is pigmented and very smooth.

350 Starlight Espresso, 400 My First Copperware Party, 750 New in Brown, 790  I wear My Plum Glasses At Night

350 Starlight Espresso, 400 My First Copperware Party, 750 New in Brown, 790  I wear My Plum Glasses At Night

As you can tell, they all have similar undertones, which means they'll work really well when used together.  Although they look starkly cool against my warm skin, especially the matte shades, they actually really blend really well on my skin.

For lipsticks, I continued on my "shades I'm absolutely obsessed with" trend. I'm on the hunt for the perfect deeper red lipstick, as well as the perfect mauve-brown toned lipstick.  Yes, I've fallen victim to the Kylie Jenner lip trend.  I don't even like her, but I gotta say, her lipstick looks good.

I love Catrice lipsticks for their pigmentation and coverage, and the fact that they are even slightly moisturizing. Yes, it means longevity is sacrificed, but I still love the way it feels on my lips.

310 Red My Lips, Upside Brown
I have been on the hunt for red lipsticks recently - a search for the perfect blue-toned red that is slightly deeper.  I find that although I have a lot of warmer coral reds or orange reds, I don't have anything with a blue undertone.  Even though the Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 310 Red My Lips was not as deep as I originally was looking for, I still love it. While it is shiny, it is still very pigmented and rich. The shininess of it actually makes it easier for me to wear, since it's more moisturizing and I don't have to worry about my lips flaking.

310 Red My Lips
The Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour Lipstick in 050 Upside Brown is my way of hopping on to the 90s lip trend without being too intense.  It's a sheer brown-toned nude, which makes it super flattering for me. It doesn't look very brown on my lips at all, and it has just enough mauve undertones to look like a natural MLBB lip color.  I absolutely love this shade, and I also love the fact that it is sheer and buildable.

 050 Upside Brown

Red My Lips, Upside Brown

Red My Lips, Upside Brown

And really quickly, here are some close-ups of the nail polishes I've picked up.  I haven't found the occassion to wear these yet, but I am so excited to wear these one day!  I just have to wait for the right mood.  For some reason, whenever I do my nail polish, it's not just a simple process of choosing thefirst polish I pick up.  I find that I always have a specific polish in mind that I'm in the mood for...and I just haven't gotten around to these yet! 

Berry Potter and Plumbledore
I am SO excited for Berry Potter and Plumbledore. I have to admit, I had a moment of "When am I ever going to wear this shade?", and then I saw the name and grabbed it anyway. Must. Find. Occassion.


I know people are a fan of their blushes, but for some reason, none of the shades were calling to me.  It's probably a good sign as it means I recognize that I have enough....but I'm still leaving the option open!

Sadly (or maybe not sadly), this isn't even the end of my German makeup hauls and reviews.  Stay tuned for some more brands!  Now it's just a matter of finding time to write everything while I'm trying to do a million other things.....


  1. oh I love the Upside Brown shade!:) the lipstick is so pretty!