Sunday, January 18, 2015

Goals for 2015 - better late than never

Well, two weeks into 2015 and I finally have some goals set for myself.  Unlike last year, I wasn't actually sure what I wanted for myself. I have some big obvious goals, like...get a job, but as for the little things, I only have a few things I want to focus on this year.

But first, let's look at how far I've come in accomplishing my goals from 2014...

1. I definitely improved my fitness. I worked hard on deadlifts, planks, and my running with some pretty significant progress on all of them.

2. I didn't run a race this year - none of them worked with my schedule this year, but I think I could actually manage a half marathon this year.

3. I ate clean for the majority of the year, but fell hard near the end of the year when I got really stressed.

4. Traveling to Europe - my biggest accomplishment of the year.  I enjoyed 5 weeks of traveling and adventure, and it was an amazing time of my life.

5.  In terms of taking risks, I think I was pretty fair. I applied and tried to take risks on things I wouldn't have done before.  I was successful in some cases, and not so much in other terms, but the important part is that I actually took risks. 

I'm happy with what I've managed to accomplished in 2014.  I did start and finish many things that I'm proud of, but let's at what I want to do in 2015, shall we?

1. Most important beauty goal - no-buy!  I am officially declaring a no-buy on cosmetics for the entire year of 2015 EXCEPT for April and line up with the Sephora VIB sales.  That's when I will stock up on things I am running out of and to treat myself to one or two things.  I will write a detailed post about this later!

2. For clothing, shoes, accessories, etc, my goal is buy less and buy more classic pieces. This includes things like not going crazy when a sale comes around and buying 10 different things, but saving up for one or two things I really love that I know I will wear for the years coming.

3. Maintain a healthier diet, especially when my life gets hectic and crazy.  In 2014, I was really good about maintaining my diet when I was not stressed out or busy.  I ate clean, controlled what I was eating, and still balanced having treats here and there.....but when I was stressed, all that flew out the window. I would "balance" somewhat healthy meals with not so healthy snacks, and chocolate became my main food group (hello, finals week). This year, I plan to account for how busy I will be I actually get busy to make sure I have healthier food around to keep me going.

4. Improve my fitness. This will always be a goal of mine - to keep improving my running time, my endurance, and to keep lifting heavier.  I made huge progress in 2014 in everything. I don't have any specific goals, except to keep pushing myself.

5. While this is related to taking risks, I just want to have fun this year.  Have fun as in taking myself less seriously sometimes and just letting go.  I always do a good job of this when I'm traveling - who isn't more carefree on vacation?  But I want to make the most of my weekends this year - to balance my work and leisure and thoroughly enjoy my leisure.  Sometimes being a couple years ahead in school makes me forget that I should be enjoying and relishing my early 20s while I can.

May 2015 be full of this:

and also more of this:

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