Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Fashionably Late May Favorites! + some updates

I meant to have this post ready last week, but I seem to have a habit of getting distracted and forgetting to actually post what I want to post, but alas, my May favorites are finally here.

Most of these products probably aren't a surprise, as I've talked about them at some point this month, but I did add in a few unmentioned favorites.

Read on to see my thoughts about these products!

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream: This BB cream has been serving me well this month, as it feels light, covers fairly wells, and is also conveniently the darkest foundation I own. It's just a touch too dark though, so I've been mixing it with a lighter shade of foundation. I like how this feels on my skin, but it tends to get oily after only 5 hours, which is why setting powder is a must with this.  I have this in Medium Dark, which is a touch too dark for me, but I imagine it's somewhere around MAC NC42.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation: This has always been one of my favorite foundations for its good coverage and oil-control properties. It can be a little heavy for the summer, which is why I usually sheer it out with moisturizer or a BB cream/tinted moisturizer. I've heard they reformulated this and it isn't nearly as good, though. :(  I have this in Warm Golden, which is my usual shade around winter.  It's around NC30.

MAC Refined Mineralized Skin Finish: This is my go-to highlighter for summer, and I've started picking this up again for a perfect peachy/bronzey glow. It's the perfect texture and not to glittery. I find that the tanner I get, the prettier this looks, too. Unfortunately, it was limited edition, but MAC always seems to repromote its products every couple years.  There is a swatch of it here.

Benefit They're Real! Mascara:As far as non-waterproof mascaras go, I really like this. I generally prefer waterproof mascaras to hold a curl, but they can be really drying on my lashes so I use a non-waterproof one for regular days. It's a nice rich black that doesn't smudge at all, volumizes well, and it also holds a tiny bit of a curl. I don't generally buy mascaras that aren't from the drugstore, but I really enjoy the sample.

MAC Cut A Caper Lipstick:During spring and summer, I am always wearing coral lipstick-coral lipsticks of all kinds - light, vibrant, peachy, reddish, etc. I especially like this one because its slightly pink-toned and dark enough to not look like a nude lipstick when I'm tan. Its also not too bright so I can wear it day to day without it being garish. 

Maybelline Park Ave. Peach Lipstick: This is a rediscovered favorite that I talked about here. I've been wearing this a lot lately and it definitely has much more red in it than Cut A Caper, but it almost seems more natural on me since it's closer to my lip color. 

Bath and Body Works White Citrus Rollerball: The eau de toilette version of this has been discontinued, I believe, but this is a really refreshing fragrance and I always wear it in the summer.  It's fresh, citrusy, and the rollerball makes it convenient to always carry around with me.  It also lasts surprisingly well while still being very subtle.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Tequila Sunrise: This nail polish has also been discontinued, but it remains one of my favorites because it's the perfect orange color.  It has just the right amount of red in it to keep it from looking  It looks good on both hands and toes, and I usually wear it all summer!

Now that May is over, I've set a few goals for June, some of which I've already started doing!
1. Post my June favorites before June is over
2. Start 'shopping my stash' more.  I was organizing my makeup the other day and forget I had some of the things I found!  I want to use some different products, too.
3. More color!  I'm challenging myself to do something unique everyday that's not just another neutral look.  So far, I'm pleased with what I've done.

Tell my what your favorite products have been recently, and what you want to do in June, makeup, or non-makeup related!

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