Sunday, August 4, 2013

Product Favorites: July

Being in a cold climate for the better part of the year had me totally unprepared for this summer.  When it hit 90 and above, I was seriously pulling out all the stops to make sure my makeup lasted throughout the day.

However, one benefit of having such hot weather is that I also want to wear colorful makeup to match the gorgeous weather.  

Keep reading to see my favorite products of the month!

As usual, my monthly favorites were inspired by the items in my July Shop Your Stash project, but first off, I have a couple fragrances.  First up is the Bath and Body Works Orange Sapphire EDP, which I bought during the semi-annual sale awhile back.  I'm honestly not sure if you can still find it, but I do know that they bring it around the sales, so watch out for that!  I love how refreshing this fragrance is - it's citrusy, but not too citrusy, and it still feels fresh.  The next fragrance I loved was the Ralph Lauren Turquoise perfume, which has been long discontinued by now. This fragrance screams beach to me, but not in a coconutty suncreen type of way.  To me, it smells like saltwater and lime, and I always feel like I'm at the beach when I wear this!  It still feels fresh and is the ultimate hot weather fragrance for me.  If only I had a beach to wear it to this summer...

I almost never use hair products, but when it gets really humid out, my hair does tend to frizz up and become poofy.  The best way to combat that is to use the Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum.  Along with smelling absolutely heavenly - a combination of Jasmine and fresh hair salon - a tiny drop of this will keep my hair shiny and smooth without frizzing up at all.

I also rarely use primers unless I know I need my makeup to last, but I found myself wearing one often this month to prevent the heat from breaking down my makeup.  I used a deluxe sample of a primer from Tarte, which has also been discontinued by now (I promise one day I'll stop featuring discontinued products!), but I think the 12-Hour Poreless Perfecting Primer replaced this one. I do know that the one I had is silicone-free, which agrees with my skin the most.  It wasn't stellar on mattifying, but it also never claimed it would mattify, but it did keep my skin lasting all day without me becoming a total grease ball.  That makes it a win in my book!

This month, I also have been reaching for the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach daily.  I only use this in the summer, simply because it's too dark for me in the winter, but I am with the millions of fans of this product because of its creamy consistency and full coverage.  I don't consider myself to have terrible dark circles, so I almost never use a concealer on top of this.

To continue with the discontinued product theme...another summer favorite of mine is the Jane Mineral Blush in Honey.  It's a great shimmery bronzed honey color swatched here that warms up my face perfectly in the summer.  When I'm paler, it tends to look too orange, but it's a great complement to tan skin!

From my Shop Your Stash project, I found new ways to experiment and use the Wet n Wild Earth Looks Small From Down Here trio.  I've never really used greens and blues together before, but they went together surprisingly well.  See my favorite look with it here!  It somehow manages to not be over the top while still being playful and summery.

Although I still love my Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation, I've been reaching for the Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation more because it has a lighter texture while still having the mattifying properties that I love.  There's not too much to say about this product, other than that it's a miracle that this powder can actually keep me matte!  

Lastly, I always knew that the Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blushes were my HG products for a reason, and the Clover Mist shade is no exception.  Instead of being pinky and rosy like my now-finished Aqua Crimson, Clover Mist has more beige tones to it, making my face look sculpted without making it obvious I'm wearing product.

Lastly, setting my makeup with a setting spray has been a must this month, and the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray has been doing just that. With the Tarte primer, I've seen a dramatic difference in how long my makeup lasts throughout the day.

I'm excited to see what August brings!  July was all about greens and blues on my eyes so I wonder what August will be like.  What about you guys?  What were your favorite products of the month?

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