Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Recent Food Love

If any of you follow me on Instagram at steph_peng, then you would see all my food posts.  And there are a lot of them.

First up is this green smoothie I made last week or so.  I don't remember the exact proportions I used, but the ingredients were  almond milk, spinach, mango, banana, half a cucumber, and hemp seeds with a sprinkle of cinnamon over the top.  It's wonderfully delicious and refreshing that satisfies my sweet cravings without being too sweet!

Keep reading to see a whole explosion of food posts!


Here is a warning - I have been on a MAJOR stir fry kick lately.  It's just so easy to throw everything I have into a pan and stir fry them.  I also always make extra servings so that I don't have to keep cooking every day.  For this, I threw in spinach, broccoli, orange pepper, and a package of extra firm tofu.  I also added in a jalapeno pepper because I love everything to have a kick to it.  It was absolutely delicious, and it was hard not to eat this entire thing in one sitting..

My obsession with almonds is not a secret.  I love anything to do with almonds, including almond milk, almond extract, almond flavored ice cream, and almond cake (the best I ever had was when I was in Germany, and it is absolutely to die for!) I am a little upset that marzipan is so hard to find in the US, but that definitely is at the top of my favorite almond products.

I'm perfectly content with eating raw almonds, but I wanted to change things up by toasting some almonds with cinnamon.  It was pretty easy - all I did was mix cinnamon and agave nectar, pour it over some almonds, and toasted it all together for about 15 minutes.  The toasted flavor of these plus the little bit of cinnamon makes them a perfect, lightly sweetened snack.

 My breakfasts are usually pretty boring - some oatmeal, cottage cheese, or scrambled eggs, but sometimes I really like to make it fancy.  For this breakfast, I topped about half a cup of cottage cheese with a nectarine, my homemade granola, and topped it all with hemp seeds.  It was a great start to my day with a great balance of protein, fat, and carbs!

Spaghetti squash is my saving grace when all I want is a nice plate of pasta.  I rarely eat pasta anymore once I realized how uncomfortable eating carbs made me feel, but spaghetti squash is a great way to get that "pasta" feel while being incredibly healthy.  For this, I kept things simply by roasting the squash, then tossing it with some sauteed tomatoes, spinach, and basil.  I also prepared some tilapia filets with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice.  So simple and delicious!  It doesn't get any easier than this.

 Finally for today's food experiments.  Since I now work early morning shifts, I find myself wanting coffee much more often to keep myself going through the day.  I get a little bored with regular coffee, so I decided to mix things up by making a coffee smoothie and combining it with a green smoothie.  Yes, you read that  I looked up a few different recipes for adding greens to a coffee smoothie and am extremely satisfied with how it turned out.  

Ingredients for a green coffee smoothie:
1 c. chilled brewed coffee
1 c. almond milk
1 c. spinach
1 T. cocoa powder
1 T. peanut butter
1/2 frozen banana
sprinkled cinnamon over the top

I'll have to experiment a little bit more, but I am excited by all the possibilities I can use!

Lastly,  I have always eaten fried rice as a way to get rid of leftovers.  My mom would just mix some leftover rice and mix it with whatever vegetables were on hand and some scrambled eggs.  It's always different using the same basic ingredients of eggs, rice, and soy sauce.  For today, I added in some spinach, one green onion, edamame beans, and some salmon.  It was simple, fast, and gave me a great taste of home!

Well, these are all my food creations for now.  I'm slowly starting to experiment with different flavors and ingredients, and I'm definitely happy with how my cooking is progressing!  Hopefully I will be able to update a little more often later on so that I don't need to do massive food posts anymore.

Until next time!

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