Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Clothes Update and a FOTD

I'm not one to buy new clothes very often - usually just one or two things here and there, but I really only go out with the intention of buying multiple things a few time a year.  Now that summer is here, it was time to update my closet with some essential I've been meaning to get.

Wandering through my usual stores - Forever 21, H&M, J. Crew - I found some good gems.  I also hit up Old Navy and Uniqlo and found more great items.  I really only bought bottoms - shorts, skirts, and dresses because I'm fairly satisfied with the tops in my collection

I didn't take a photo of everything as I haven't found the best lighting to take photos of it....but these things are so simple that I didn't take pictures of it all.

For the ones that did make it into the photo....

For all of who comment on my neutral clothing, here's some orange and purple for you ;)

For more of my picks and a recent FOTD, keep reading!

At J.Crew, I finally bought a new pair of shorts.  Chino shorts are definitely my preferred style over denim shorts and they are just much more flattering on my legs.  The 3 inch inseam is also the most flattering length on me, although sometime I prefer the 4 inch in seam, as well.  The bright orange shade stood out to me and I just couldn't walk away from it! They are currently on sale for $29.99 on the J. Crew website.

The blue pair of shorts from Forever 21 were the perfect loose, silky shorts that I've been looking for.  They're drapey and loose enough to almost look like a skirt, yet so weightless and comfortable that I know I will be wearing this a ton, especially as I travel through Europe in July.  I couldn't find the exact pair online, but I love Forever 21's selection of non-denim, flowy shorts like these.

I love Uniqlo for their great basics, but hated that I could only get their clothing in New York.  I bought a pair of shorts from them when I was in Paris last summer, and even though I have worn the heck out of them, they still look perfect.  I wanted to check out the store in my local mall, and found this beautiful purple crepe skirt, along with a metallic bronze belt.  I also wasn't able to find this skirt online, but there were plenty of options in the store!

At H&M, I finally found the perfect maxi skirt.  By perfect, I mean the right length, with pockets, and perfectly draped.  I bought the black one here, but would love to eventually own the burgundy one, as well.

I almost never venture into Old Navy since I actually don't have one near me.  I needed some new running shorts, and picked up some great sale finds while I was at it.  Among them were: 

They were all steals at $19.97, $13.99, and $19.97, respectively. Check them out here, here, and here.  The two sheath dreses would be good for a casual day at work, or for a Sunday brunch.  The maxi dress is also a perfect length for me, and casual enough to wear for an effortless look.

I reckon that with all these items, I'll be good for awhile!  I'll be taking some of these with me to travel, and others will be good piece otherwise.  

And since I haven't shown my face on here in awhile...mostly because I either haven't had time to take pictures of my looks with school going on and also because I haven't been wearing much makeup at home, but here's something I did recently to play around with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (that I still haven't gotten around to reviewing yet....)

Another unsurprising neutral look from me, but it's making me fall in love with the palette more and more...but the real standout feature of this look is the bright bold blue liquid eyeliner from this haul last year.

Here are the rest of the products I used:
ELF Candid Coral Blush on the cheeks

MAC Bare Study

TF Chocolate Bar Palette
- Creme Brule on the lids
-Milk Chocolate in the crease to blend out
-Haute Chocolate in the outer corner
-White Chocolate as highlight

Kiko blue eyeliner

PF Eye Booster

Maybelline Volume Express mascara

and L'oreal Color Extraordinaire in Blushing Harmony on the lips

I'm quite happy with how this look turned out, as well as the new items sitting in my closet!  

Got any good finds lately?  Let me know!
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  1. We're getting a H&M here soon and I can't wait. I've missed H&M!