Thursday, June 12, 2014

Voluntarily Putting Oil On My Face? Josie Maran's Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Oil: A Review

A few months ago, a new lip and cheek product popped onto the Sephora website that I was immediately drawn to.  It is the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil ($18).

The fact that it said oil in the title was enough to have me running to my nearest Sephora to check it out.  When I swatched it, it had this amazing creamy texture that feels almost cushiony once applied.  If you've ever tried gel cheek statins, such as the Josie Maran Cheek Gelees, it almost reminds me of those products except a little more creamy.  I like that you can also use it on the lips, making it a great product to travel with.

I wanted to get a bright pink cream blush since all my current cream products are neutral pinky browns or corals, so Endless Guava was the shade that stood out to me.  It's a beautiful mid-tone pink that fills a nice gap in my current collection.

For an in depth review, keep reading!

When I first saw the product, I was definitely drawn to the packaging.  It's practical and neat, and I like how the packaging reflects the shade of the blush.  For $18, it's also a pretty good value with 15 ML of product.  It will definitely last a long time, even with consistent use on the cheeks and lips.

 There is only a minimal amount required for the cheeks because it's a concentrated product.  I wouldn't say that it has concentrated pigment in the way that a cream blush might.  Instead, it reminds me of something between a gel and a cream product.  My first impression were that is felt incredibly moisturizing, due to the argan oil in the product.  I can see how this may feel uncomfortable to some, especially those with oily skin, but the end result doesn't feel greasy for me.  It actually feels quite light once it's blended in, providing a dewy finish that is slightly translucent.

 A tiny little dot is all I need for each cheek and it blends out and spreads easily.  On the lips, I usually use double the amount to have some more coverage.  

Below are some before and after's with the product on my cheeks, but I am wearing it on my lips in both photos.

Before; bare cheeks
After; one layer applied

See how the oil gives a slightly dewy look?  It definitely provides some dimension beyond just simply adding color. I love this shade for giving me a healthy flushed look, and it's actually a change from my usual corals.  Although it's pigmented, I feel that is has a translucency to it that prevents it from looking garish on my cheeks.  

The end effect is subtle, but lasts for an amazingly long time.  I never usually wear cream/gel/liquid blushes on their own -- they're almost always paired with a powder blush on top.  However, it lasts for a surprisingly long time on my cheeks. After five hours (with a powder blush on top), it still looked as if I had just applied it.  After a full day (usually ten plus hours for me), I can still see remnants of the subtle pink shade still existing.  Although it doesn't quite stain, it still retains a dewy translucent look that is subtle and natural. 

The main weakness of the product is its performance as a lip product.  Since it doesn't quite "set" very well unless I apply many layers.  It also doesn't last nearly as well as it does on the cheeks.  On my lips, the product faded after about 2 hours, leaving only a slight stain. 

It also feels a little different on the lips, feeling less like an oil and more like lip stain without the lasting power of a lip stain.  I don't get the moisturizing effect of the oil on my lips like I do on my cheeks, so it acts as if it were a different product.   However, it holds true to its claim that it looks natural and subtle.  Although it obviously gave my lips color,  you can see in the picture above that it doesn't have the effect of layering a lipstick or a lipgloss on, but it also doesn't look quite like a lip stain because of its slight sheen.

I don't prefer to wear this on my lips as often as on my cheeks, only because I don't feel as if it is an intensely moisturizing product, nor is it long lasting.  But the bottom line is that it is convenient and weightless.  It looks natural and is subtle, making it an easy product to carry around with me.

Final verdict?  Well, I'm not in a "OMG I need to buy every shade" frenzy, but I do have several other shades that I do want to pick up.  Although it works better as a cheek product and will probably be much better for my skin in the drier winter months, I do like the pigmented and dewy effect it provides on the cheeks.  

I would suggest it if you are looking for something that looks natural and dewy on the skin, and also natural on the lips.  It will blend nicely on all skin types, I feel, and be moisturizing without looking oily, but don't expect it to have the same moisturizing qualities on the lips. 

 Final rating? 3.5/5 stars, or a B/B+

Have any of you tried the Josie Maran Lip and Cheek Oils?  What are your thoughts?

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  1. This sounds (and looks) awesome, Steph! For cheeks this pretty, I think I'm okay with two hour lip wear :P

    1. It's really a product I was surprised by! I bought it when it first came out, then started seeing negative reviews, but I love the texture on my cheeks.