Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And the hunt ends (for now). Sneaker wedges??? New Jewelry finds and books!

For the better part of the last 4 months, I have been on the hunt for two specific pairs of shoes.  The perfect ankle boot and the perfect sneaker wedges that wouldn't break the bank.  Every time I saw either of these shoes, there was something just off about them, whether it was the sole, color, or material.  

This weekend, while trying to take advantage of Urban Outfitter's extra 50% off clearance sale, I found them.  It was complete fate that I would pick these up in glee.  The boots, by Sam Edelman, were the last pair left, and fit my perfectly, despite being a half size too big in what I usually wear.  The sneaker wedges also fit perfectly, a relief after I couldn't find a pair in Germany that I just loved.  To top things off, $30 for the Sam Edelman boots that I have lusted after for so long and $20 for the sneaker wedges had me tucking them under my arm and toting them home with me.

 Read after the jump to see more details and other pictures of what I found this weekend!

 The Sam Edelman Petty boots are the perfect height, material, and size.  As I'm normally a size 7-7 1/2, I was unsure if a size 8 would work for me, but due to its narrowness, I found that a size 8 was perfect.  I was also previously unsure whether I should get the taupe or black shade, but I'm glad I found the taupe shade because in the end, I think they're more versatile and unique.  I love how these would look with leggings and jeans, but I'm determined to make them work with skirts and dresses as well!

Now I understand sneaker wedges are somewhat atrocious to most of you. I thought so too, when the trend first started popping up.  I scoffed at them and deemed it a trend that we would all look back on in horror one day, but as I moved to Berlin and saw a significant number of women pull it off much better than anyone I had seen in the US wear them, images of sneaker wedges began to haunt me.  They screamed an effortless sporty chic, especially when thrown together with leggings, a long tank, and a leather jacket.  Not to mention, they are REALLY comfortable, which I found to be an important trait when wandering the streets of Europe for sometimes hours at a time.  Thus, I started searching for the perfect pair of sneaker wedges, finally admitting defeat when, during my last week in Berlin, I still had not found the pair.

After returning to the US, I still found myself wanting a pair, despite seeing much less people wearing them here.  I scoured stores, trying to find a pair that weren't above $50, because after all, these are still very much a trend that I don't see lasting for too long.  Imagine my delight when I found these sitting on the clearance shelves in Urban Outfitters for $20!  I tried them on, and they were love.  Comfortable, the perfect neutral color to match everything, and they actually don't look hideous.  I promise.  I take it as a challenge to make them work ;)

Most people that know me well know that I wear the same pieces of jewelry everyday, and rarely switch it up.  I always have my Dogeared infinity necklace, a silver knotted ring or gold Kate Spade bow ring, some simple studs, and my white Michael Kors watch.  You will never see me without those.  Consequently (or maybe this is a good thing), I never find jewelry I like that will complement my staple items.  I never buy necklaces, and I don't like the feeling of wearing too many bracelets, so that leaves me to earrings and rings.

I am exceptionally picky even with these items.  They have to be just the perfect amount of dainty, unique, and inexpensive, which is difficult when I'm searching for semi-good quality items.  Forever 21 is usually a miss for me, but I definitely scored this weekend, resulting in my biggest jewelry haul for the better part of a year.  I am obsessed with arrows, tribal inspired jewelry, animals (especially cats), and studsI found all of those:

I love the gold color of these, and the styles

Newest addition of rings!  Finally jumping on the midi trend :)

For pictures of my midi ring, check out my instagram at steph_peng!

I also picked up a few other items - a new blazer, a couple dresses, some shorts, and a basic black tank top, but they're all quite boring.  However, I will say that H&M and Forever 21 are hitting everything on point this season!  I wanted everything from the stores when I went in.  Same goes for Zara, but I haven't been in there since I was in Europe.  I may decide to post some OOTD's in the future, if I find better lighting.

For the nerd in everyone, here's what I picked up during a sidewalk sale by the beach:

For $1 each, I couldn't leave without these.  Going on my collection of useless items, I found a world atlas from 1978.  Being an international relations nerd, I was curious to see the makeup of countries from the 70's, particularly East/West Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.  Nothing was a surprise, but I like having it handy with me! (Nerd, I know).

I also found a cute polka-dotted journal, a timely purchase since I just ran out of pages on all my Moleskin notebooks.  And lastly, I loved Cold Mountain as a movie, so I'm curious to read the book version.  I've been half successful at reading for leisure so far this summer, but it's an improvement over the past year!

Now, a very happy and triumphant me will go and enjoy all my new items.  Till later!

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