Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation

I used to never wear foundation, but it seems that this year I have been on quite a foundation kick. Introducing, the Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation ($57).

Cost: $57
Availability: and

Keep reading to see my thoughts and how it applies on my face!

I have heard raves upon raves about how great and blendable this foundation is, and how natural it looks on the skin.  Vincent Longo is a littttle out of my price range for now, but the SpaceNK sale back in February had me leaping at the chance to try more Vincent Longo products out at a discounted price. 

When I first applied it with my fingers (like I do with most foundations), I didn't see what the big deal was - it was sheer and had virtually no coverage.  A little discouraged, I scoured more reviews online and read that everyone had been using this with a sponge.  Lo and behold, once I started using a sponge, I fell completely in love.  It is natural, skinlike.  It blends to my skintone.  It covers and blurs all my imperfections.  It keeps me matte.  It feels like nothing on my skin.  What more could I want?!  My favorite way is to dampen a sponge (or a Beauty Blender), get some product on it, and then blend it on the face.  I focus a little more on my blemishes, and it does a good job of blurring them to the point where I don't need concealer. 

The shade in the container looks way too light for my skin, but it blends in quite well.  Only now when I am very tan do I notice the tone difference.  The only real issue is that is it slightly too pink toned for my skin, but I only notice it if I stare at my neck versus my face for too long...I also have freakishly yellow skin so most people may not have this issue.  I got the shade Golden Beige (#8), and I think I could have easily made the next darkest shade work for me.

Golden Beige.  the texture is quite spongey!

Slightly too cool for my skin and light against my tanned hand

Here are two separate occasions where I have worn it:

Slightly lighter skin, blended in well

Slight tone difference

And a more recent FOTD where I'm a bit tanner:

You can see that it's blended in quite well and looks very much like my own skin.  Absolutely impressive!

Summary: Although it is an expensive foundation, I would pay for it just because of how well it blends and how natural it looks.  I've never had a foundation feel so light and weightless.  Although this shade wasn't a total perfect match for me, it still works for me, and I'm sure I would have found a perfect match had I not bought it online.  There are a total of 16 shades in the line, and I'm sure anyone would be able to find a suitable shade with how blendable this is.

 Have any of you tried this foundation?  How have you liked it? I'm curious to know!

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